Determination: Lost & Found

I used to be a runner. I say “used to be”, because back in the day I was fierce. I ran probably 12 miles a week, and even ran a marathon! I wouldn’t say I was a fast runner, but I was a runner, nonetheless. Then I got pregnant. I made the decision to not run while I was pregnant. And then at the end of my pregnancy I had severe pelvic pain, and was unable to walk more than a few blocks, let alone run. Prior to and during delivery, my pubic bone actually split by 6 centimeters, leaving me unable to walk for weeks after my son was born. I had to go through 5 months of physical therapy postpartum. Needless to say, I was not doing any running during that time. At the end of my physical therapy, I would periodically try to run, and every time, my pelvis would be sore for weeks afterward.

Finally, just 6 weeks ago (17 months postpartum) I ran for the first time, without pelvic pain! Yay! I couldn’t believe it. For nearly 2 1/2 years I had stopped running, and finally I felt like myself again. 6 weeks ago, when I would run, it was 2 minutes of running followed by 5 minutes of walking, back and forth until I ran the full loop at my local park (about 4 miles). The next run was 3 minutes of running, coupled with 4 minutes of walking. Every run for the next six weeks I gradually increased the running, and decreased the walking. And today for the first time in 2 1/2 years I ran the full 4 mile loop without stopping!!

The whole experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and the 17 months of pelvic pain the ensued has been a very humbling experience. I used to push myself so hard, and was always so hard on myself. This experience has taught me how to take it slow, and in the end you can be right back to where you were before. Determined as ever.


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