Mommy Brain

I used to be so organized and on top of things. In my former life, when I worked in hotels, I was so insanely busy, but somehow I never forgot an appointment, a follow-up, or a meeting. But these days, I am lucky if I even remember my own name. How does that happen, you ask? It’s a little thing that I (and most other mothers out there) like to call “Mommy Brain”.

Now Mommy Brain is a very real, medically founded thing, at least when you are pregnant. During that time, there is so much blood going to the growing baby, that there is precious little left to power the mommy’s brain. I experienced this all the time when I was pregnant with my son. But after the baby is born?? To my knowledge there is no medical research that has proven that Mommy Brain continues after your child is born, but somehow I am still brain dead. And personally I like blaming any and all situations where I have acted dumbly (yes, I said “dumbly” – I don’t even know if that’s a word, but my spellcheck didn’t pick it up so I’m going with it….but I digress) on my aforementioned Mommy Brain.

Somehow I always manage to forget something. Today, for instance, my plan was to drop my son off at daycare, and then go to gym. After that I needed to run to the post office to mail out 3 copies of a contract for a business related transaction. Prior to leaving, I took the time to really make sure I had everything: iPod, water bottle, keys, wallet, stamps to mail the contracts, etc. But the contracts themselves? Apparently that alluded me, because somehow I managed to only pick up two out of the three contracts prior to walking out the door. How does one forget a contract when all three are sitting in a nice, neat pile on their counter?? I don’t know. My only excuse is Mommy Brain.

I also like to think that I love my son so much, and am so focused on caring for, loving, and nurturing him, and that all other “trivial” matters seem to go out the window. That’s a tradeoff I don’t mind, if you ask me. Someday, when I am old and my mind really goes, I will have raised a son who will hopefully return the favor.


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