Music Class

We all want to do the right thing for our children, right? We involve them in playgroups and maybe daycare or pre-school, all with the hope that it will mold them into well-socialized little people. And music class is one of those activities that is supposed to be so good for them, help with their cognitive development, etc. So we sign our kids up (sometimes as young as 6 months) thinking, “This class is going to make my child a musical genius!!”

Then there is my child who, at every opportunity, will get up in the middle of music class and walk into the other room. Somehow the strollers and bathroom in the room next door hold much more appeal for him than the energetic music teacher leading the class right in front of him. So I am left there, by myself, singing, and clapping my hands, and gesturing wildly to the beat of music that I stopped listening to three decades ago, while my son is playing “steal the snack” out of the closest stroller he can find. So I find myself wondering, “Is he actually absorbing anything in this class? Why am I spending good money on a class for my son, when I am the only one participating?”

But despite all that, I will say that after his first semester there, when I had pretty much decided that we were not going back, he one day started singing one of the songs from the class. At 19 months he doesn’t say much, but when he started singing that song, he had me hooked. That very same day I signed up for another semester.

Who knows, maybe my son will be the next Tommy Lee. But I kind of hope not.


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