Are dogs and babies the same?

It is a widely regarded assumption that having a dog prepares you for having a child. People often say that it is actually harder to have a dog. Well, I have had a dog, and I now have a child, so I am here to provide you with the ways in which have a dog and having a child are similar….but also to shed some light on how they are completely different.

Top 5 Ways Caring for a Dog is similar to caring for a Child:
1. Both require a lot of love and attention….and discipline.
2. Both are the hardest to care for when they are brand new babies, and then get easier as they mature.
3. Both require potty training.
4. Both rely on you for food, water, and shelter.
5. Both change your life completely.

Top 10 ways Caring for a Child is completely different that caring for a Dog:
1. You can’t leave home without your child.
2. In that same vein, you would never go to work for 8 hours and leave your child at home unattended.
3. Although some seem to think this is ok, you can’t put your child on a leash.
4. You can’t “crate train” a child.
5. You can’t put your child under the seat in front of you on an airplane and let them just snuggle at your feet for a 6 hour flight.
6. Dogs never talk back.
7. Dogs don’t go to college, and take all your money with them.
8. Dogs reach maturity by the age of 2. For children….it’s usually at least 25.
9. You wouldn’t board your child for 10 days with someone you had never met, while you went on vacation to Europe.
10. If it doesn’t work out, you can always give a dog away to someone with a farm in upstate New York. That doesn’t go over so well with children.


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