Summertime Blues

The official “last day of summer” has always been Labor Day, has it not? Growing up, I always thought of summer as that time between the last day of school and Labor Day. But apparently that has changed…summer seems to be getting shorter and shorter as I get older and older.

Yesterday I was on a search for a beach umbrella – just a simple umbrella, nothing fancy. I am going to Cape Cod with my family next week, and thought it would be nice to not fry my child like an egg under the hot sun. So I went to 6 different stores yesterday, and not one of them had a single beach umbrella. They all said the same thing: “We are sold out, and will not sell anymore this summer”. In fact the gentleman at Target informed me that the “Summer” area was now the “Back to School” area. What??? Are you kidding me?! “It’s only August 9th”, I replied. Don’t you people know that there are still exactly 28 days of summer left? And that some of us still take vacations between now and then?

God forbid a parent should want to protect themselves and their children from the harmful rays of the sun after August 1st. Apparently those of us who take vacations in August are the second class citizens of the sun-fearing world. Sure you might be able to find a container or two of sunblock – by the way, only SPF 4 and SPF 70+ are left on the shelves, so you can choose to come home from your vacation either red as a lobster or pale as a ghost…your choice! But if you want to sit in the shade, you better sit close to a lifeguard stand, because that’s about as close as you are going to come to relief from the sun, unless of course you just wait until next year, and buy your beach umbrella in April!!


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