You know you’re pregnant when…

…you need/want a drink more than you care to admit.

…you think eating potatoes with beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream sounds like the best thing ever…and it is!!

…you can’t concentrate for more than 30 seconds on any given topic or situation before wanting to lay down.

…your belly button starts looking like an eject button.

…your ass could claim its own zip code.

…your “hair care routine” of just washing and going manages to yield surprisingly good results.

…the only thing that sounds comfortable anymore is sweatpants.

…your face seems to be reverting back to its high school ways, with a new pimple cropping up every day. Awesome.

…the only thing that sounds better than sleeping is, well…sleeping.

…your patience with your other children goes from limited to non-existant.

…in your spacey pregnancy-brained state, you suddenly find yourself putting your keys in the freezer and your ice cream in the refrigerator and your yogurt in the pantry.

…you cry during a save-the-animals commercial, a save-the-children commercial, or really any commercial that manages to pull at your heart strings during their 30 seconds of allotted screen time.

…you so want to bring sexy back, but you don’t know where you left it, and you’re pretty sure it won’t resurface for another 9 plus months.


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