Sugar and spice and everything nice…

Just found out this morning that we are having a girl!  I am so incredibly excited.  This pregnancy has not exactly been easy so far, and hearing that news today really put a smile on my face.  Having a boy would have been great too – we really just want a healthy baby, as they say.  But since we have a boy already, having a girl sort of rounds out the equation.  And because this pregnancy has been so tough, it’s nice to know that if we stop at two kids, we will have one of each, and that’s just fine with me.  We also found out that it appears the subchorionic bleed I had is either gone or too small to detect, so that is really great news too.

It’s amazing how news like this can really turn your world around.  I am still having a difficult pregnancy, but today I don’t care because I’m also having a girl!


One thought on “Sugar and spice and everything nice…

  1. Hi! I love your art and your blog is so genuine and honest. You’re a great writer and I love reading about different women’s experiences being pregnant. It is amazing how different this whole process can effect people. You go girl! You can do it!

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