Big Girl

Do you notice that whenever you read about how much weight gain is “normal” during pregnancy, they always say “around 25-30 pounds”?  Honestly, I don’t know who in the hell only gains 25 pounds – I gained that much by my sixth month.  I just went to the doctor yesterday, and somehow I gained nearly 10 pounds in the last two and a half weeks, putting my total weight gain at 42 freaking pounds.  And I still have seven weeks until my due date.  How does that happen??

Now I know there are a lot of women out there, who, when they get pregnant, view it as a license to eat as much as they want.  And although I am probably allowing myself more “treats” than I would when not pregnant, I have not been an overeater by any means.  I have tried to eat moderate amounts of healthy food throughout my pregnancy, yet somehow I am gaining more weight than Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones’s Diary.  I like to think I am fortunate though, because I am tall.  When you are tall, the weight gets distributed more evenly, i.e., it doesn’t all go to your ass (although I must say I have probably gained my fair share of weight there too).  But everyone keeps telling me that I am “all baby”.  There is a good chance they are just saying that to be nice to an ego-fragile pregnant lady, but I do think that overall they are right.  Sure my face and arms are a little puffier, but overall it’s in my belly, causing me to often feel like I am carrying around a thirty pound bowling ball in my pelvis.  I feel like I should be due today, and not seven weeks from today.

But I guess that would explain what happened to me next at my appointment yesterday.  They measured the size of the baby, and she is already 5 pounds, 13 ounces.  Wow!  I’m pretty sure there are babies that are born nearly full term at that weight.  So maybe that explains why I feel like I should be having this baby any second.  Also, her head and belly measured as large as a baby at 35 weeks, and mine is only 33 weeks, putting her at 2 weeks ahead of growth schedule.

I have to say though, when I married my husband I knew what I was getting into.  He was nearly 11 pounds at birth, and his father was nearly 12 pounds!  And I wasn’t small by any means (around 8.5 pounds), so if genetics are any indicator, I knew my babies would be big.  My son was 9.5 pounds, and he was a week early.  But despite all that, where is all this extra weight coming from?  I’m certainly not having a 42 pound baby (although sometimes it feels like that)!  I feel like a big girl right now….but apparently so is my daughter.  If I can just make it a few more weeks, I can start the year long process of shedding those extra 40+ pounds.  Hey, if Renee Zellweger can do it, so can I!


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