Model Children

Getting the family portrait taken is no easy task.  First you have to find outfits that match, but don’t match too much.  You don’t want to be that family who is wearing all white, posing with their fake cheesy smiles.  But if you try to think outside the box and wear, say, a pink shirt that picks up the same shade of pink in your daughter’s dress, while putting your husband in a grey shirt that picks up the grey in your daughter’s dress, while putting your son in a green shirt that picks up the green in your daughter’s dress, that is just really hard to pull off – and it is nearly impossible to find four different outfits for four different members of your family that all happen to go together without looking like they are too matchy-matchy.  That was exactly my dilemma at 11 o’clock the night before our photo shoot.  I wanted to pull all my hair out (which was not a good idea, because at 4 months postpartum I already had a major hair deficit).    How do I get my family to look cool, without looking like we were trying too hard?  Finally I opted for white for my husband and I, (I know, white is lame, but we were working with my limited postpartum wardrobe, so leave me alone!) and then navy blue for the kids.

But as soon as we entered the studio, I knew we had nothing to worry about.  Ana, my very talented friend and photographer, did such an amazing job that we could have been wearing burlap sacks and would have looked great. We felt like such models as we entered her downtown studio – one of those trendy all-white spaces in downtown Manhattan.  I felt so cool.  We got there knowing that we had a limited window of opportunity before both of our children became a)very hungry and b)very tired, but you never would have known once Ana started working with them.  She has such a great energy about her that makes children smile and laugh and just generally have a great time.  My son, who can at times be a very tough customer, was enthralled by Ana, shamelessly flirting with her actually, and loving every minute of his photo shoot.  My daughter, who was about 5 minutes away from a milk-hungry meltdown was all smiles for Ana.  In the end my children looked like Gap Kids models, and my husband and I didn’t look too shabby either.

That’s no surprise considering Ana Schechter is no stranger to working with child models.  She does a lot of editorial and advertising work in addition to the children’s portraiture work that she does for individual families.  She was a top notch professional throughout the entire experience, while also making it fun and light-hearted.  We hardly even realized we were having our pictures taken.  I recently got all my pictures back from Ana, and they are AMAZING!  I had a really hard time picking my favorites, but here are some of the ones I really loved.  You can see more of Ana’s work at and on her blog at  And if you want to check out more of our family’s beautiful photos, take a look at the blog article Ana wrote about us and our photo gallery.  Happy viewing!!


4 thoughts on “Model Children

  1. okay, I may be related to this beautiful family, and I would say that any photos of them would be wonderful, but these are really exceptional! And, Jen as always your writing just gets to me. Love it, love you. xo Mom.

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