Peter Boyle Lives On…

The first year of life is one of great change and evolution, one in which your child’s appearance and abilities change dramatically from birth to their first birthday.  And during that first year, as strange as it may sound, my two children have at one time or another resembled the late Peter Boyle.  Now, if you don’t know who Peter Boyle is, he played the cantankerous (and in my opinion adorable) Frank Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. I don’t know what it is, but when those little kiddos start sprouting teeth and their hair starts growing over their ears (while remaining decidedly sparse on the tops of their heads), that’s when they start to embody Young Frankenstein’s lovable monster.  You decide:

I mean, really.  Can you deny it??  I don’t think so.  And my daughter looks like him the most – that is the scary part.  Although I truly hope she does not continue to resemble Mr. Boyle when she is a grown woman, if she did, Halloween would certainly be an interesting time of year for her:

She would pretty decidedly win first place in any costume contest.  At least she’ll have that going for her.  Because the boys certainly won’t be calling, that’s for sure.

This is all very timely given that we are days away from Halloween and the above picture of my daughter was taken on October 20th, just 2 days after what would have been Peter Boyle’s 76th Birthday.  And today, 2 days before All Hallow’s Eve, we decided to engage in the time honored tradition of pumpkin carving.  Although my son doesn’t look like Frankenstein’s monster anymore, he is pretty darn cute (as is my husband) while gutting and cutting our Halloween pumpkin:


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