Where to Begin

I have been remiss in writing for the last several months, but for good reason.  In January we embarked on the very difficult task of putting our home on the market, and the craziness didn’t end until about a week ago, when we finally unpacked our last box.

Back in January we thought we were moving to New Jersey, and ten months later, after the dust settled, we found ourselves in California, after my husband was given an amazing opportunity to open a San Francisco office for his New York City based company.

The view from our deck

We have now been here since June, and I am embarrassed to say that I have not written anything about this experience thus far, largely because we haven’t stopped moving since then.  I feel like I am just now coming up for air, and can hopefully now start documenting this journey that we have embarked on.

Our journey really began two years ago, when we first started thinking about where we wanted to raise our family.  For more about this difficult decision, and how we ultimately decided to move our family out west, check out a blog article I wrote several months ago for Brooklyn or Beyond.

Since arriving here in June I have struggled with whether or not we made the right decision to move here.  The only thing keeping me from making this move in the first place was that it would put us so far from our families, and that has proven to be the hardest part of living out here.  This blog, and the entries that will follow is my attempt to determine if California is the perfect place for us, or if, perhaps, there is somewhere else for us that could be even better.  Miles From Perfect is also an attempt to document the fact that everyday I am reminded of how imperfect I am as a parent.  I want to attempt to bring humor and realism to parenthood and the challenges we face everyday, whether it’s regarding everyday living or finding a place to live.


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