I am not a crafty person. Creative?  Yes. Crafty? That would be a definite no.  I don’t basket weave or crochet or spend hours doing internet research to find the perfect project to do with my kids.  I wish I could be one of those moms, but if I was, I would be getting 3 hours of sleep a night and consequently a terrible mother when not crafting, so I am just not.  But occasionally I get inspired to do “crafty”-type activities with my children.  Typically these inspirational moments arise during my children’s waking hours, so the craft is usually quite simple – created with whatever we happen to have around the house at the time.  Today was no different.

It was a really crummy day today by California’s weather standards – gloomy and grey and raining.  My husband was home sick, and I too was feeling a bit “off”, so it was a “stay inside in our pajamas all day” kind of day.  I really like these kinds of days, because I feel like this is when I can spend true quality time with the kids.  When we are rushing off to preschool or daycare or the day’s activities, it is such a whirlwind getting out the door, that I feel like I don’t have a moment to “just be” with the kids.

At the start of the day, Jackson and I bought some books on the iPad about Thanksgiving – they were about what the day means, why we celebrate it, etc.  After a lengthy iPad reading session, I decided we should do a  Thanksgiving project.  If you yourself decide to do this at home, all you need is a brown paper bag, colored construction paper, a couple of crayons, scissors, and glue.  Phew!  I had all these things, thank goodness.  But a word of warning – this project took us hours!!  Great on a day when you are home all day long, but a lot to fit in if you’re aiming high on the activity to-do list that day.

We started by drawing the items we wanted in our Thanksgiving scene.  Jackson drew a turkey, corn, a table for us to eat at, stick figures (for mom, dad, Jackson and Ella), and trees.  Ella drew her own turkey (sort of) and she did some lovely blue scribbles which eventually became our clouds.

Jackson was super focused and intense in his coloring and drawing.  He is such a perfectionist (the poor child!!) and wants every curve and straight line to be “just so”.  That is part of the reason this project took us so long.  I had to talk him off the bridge every time a corn husk was too small or an arm was too long.  Ella, on the other hand, was more interested in drawing on her toes than drawing on the paper.  Again, part of the reason this project took so long.  Focus Ella, focus!!

When I finally got Ella to remove the crayon from between her toes, she decided she was ready to color.  But the joke was on me.  She was ready to color, alright, just not on paper.  I caught her coloring on the windowsill – twice! (Thank God for cleanable crayons!), and then she decided she wanted to use one of her story books as a coloring book.  “Colo Mickey, Colo Mickey!” she kept saying as she jammed the yellow colored pencil into Mickey’s poor little round face.

But eventually we got her to focus and managed to make a pretty sassy looking Thanksgiving Turkey by tracing her hand.  She also made some mean looking blue scribbles for our clouds.  But the rest of it was all Jack – he drew everything, wrote everything,  and glued everything – I just cut out the shapes.  (Although Ella desperately wanted to cut them herself.  I caught her with the big girl scissors on at least two occasions, slicing through the air in dramatic fashion, inches away from severing a limb.   I’m a great mom.)

And here you have the finished product.  He was so proud!!

After all was said and done, I attempted to inspire a clean-up party before lunch.  I sang the clean-up song and everything!  Jackson started to get on board, corralling the scrap paper that had been littered all over the playroom floor.  But Ella proved to be the craftiest of us all, because she had different plans.

As you can see, she is running away from Jack, laughing her little head off.  Haha!  I took your paper!  Now you can’t clean up!  

But Jack had the last laugh – he didn’t care.  Because if you look really closely in the background of that picture, he is jamming a glue bottle into his eye.    Such a funny glimpse into the the differences between men and women.

Ella, welcome to a lifetime of trying to outsmart a man, only to find out he is completely unaware you outsmarted him.


4 thoughts on “Crafty

  1. And I thought that amazing project was a week long effort at strawberry school! Jen, you are crazy creative… Patient… Wow! And your insight into boys and girls is right on!

  2. Awesome post! I am incredibly impressed by Jack’s drawing skills and Ella’s impressive turkey and clouds. WOW!! High fives from Chase. And I literally laughed out loud at the last picture/commentary. HILARIOUS!

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