The view from our deck.

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!

About three years ago my husband and I started thinking about leaving New York City.  What began was an intense search for the “perfect” town to raise our children.  We searched the entire tri-state area for that perfect town, and thought we had found it in Maplewood, NJ.  So we put our Brooklyn apartment on the market, ready to make the move.

But fate had other plans.  Two days before our first open house, my husband was given an opportunity to open a San Francisco office for his New York based company.  We had always wanted to live in San Francisco, and in many ways viewed the Bay Area as a rather idyllic place to live and raise our family.

So we pushed all our previous plans aside, and made new plans:  We were moving to California!

We have now been here since June of 2012, bought a house in May of 2013, but still we wonder:  Will we stay?  Will we go?  Where is the perfect town to raise our family?  Is it here?  Is it back east?  So many questions, and this blog attempts to answer the underlying age-old question:  Where is the perfect place to raise a family?

But this blog is also about me and my struggle for perfection.  I am reminded every day of how far from perfect I am – as a mother, and as a person.  I believe I am a good parent, but my children and their crazy antics test me, and my patience, every single day.  So this blog also attempts to ask the question:   What is “perfection”, really, and do I truly want to be a perfect parent?

To be reminded every day by your own children how truly imperfect you are, and how much you have yet to learn, is altogether humbling and frustrating.  And to be faced every day with living in a part of the country you are completely unfamiliar with brings with it its own challenges, as I struggle to find true happiness, and ultimately…perfection?  But let’s face it, I’m a New Yorker when it comes down to it, and I’ll never be truly happy.  That would just be too perfect.

Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jen, this looks awesome… well done. And don’t beat yourself up about not having kept up with your blog. What you have accomplished in the last several months is unbelievable… and you are encouraging the development of two amazing children (of course I am not at all prejudiced). Keep writing – you have a gift!

    • Thank you so much Marty! I’m trying to go easy on myself, but I feel guilty that I haven’t documented this momentous move. Will just have to try harder going forward. Thank you so much for supporting me!! 🙂 xxoo

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